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For ADULTS (18 years and older):


  • Our waitlist is now closed. 

  • If you are interested in joining the club, please visit our website Spring 2024 when we reopen the waitlist. 


If you have already joined our waitlist please remember that we will email you in January 2024 to confirm interest.  If we do not receive confirmation by February 2024, you will be taken off the waitlist. 

  • Your position on the waitlist is non-transferable (i.e. you can’t give it to someone else.)

  • As per City of Toronto policy and procedures for community tennis clubs, residents of the City of Toronto are privileged over non-residents. The City of Toronto includes Scarborough, North York and Etobicoke. Please note: Your physical geographic distance relative to the club does not confer any privilege on the waitlist.

  • We use the email you provide us to contact you.  It is your responsibility to check your email.

For JUNIORS (under 18):


  • We are closed to new Juniors for this year.


$ 120.00 + HST

$ 85.00 + HST

$ 50.00

$ 35.00




Junior Camps and Clinics***:

New adult and senior members pay a one time $50 administration fee.

*   Senior membership applies to those 65 and over at the start of the membership term.

** Junior membership applies to those between the ages of 5 and 17 and includes court booking privileges.

*** Junior Camps and Clinics membership allows children aged 5 to 17 to sign up for our after-school clinics and summer camps ONLY, with no court booking privileges. 

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